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Istanbul Private Yacht (For Rent) Istanbul Private Yacht (For Rent) Istanbul Private Yacht (For Rent) Istanbul Private Yacht (For Rent) Istanbul Private Yacht (For Rent)

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Istanbul Private Yacht (For Rent)

Private Yacht Tour 

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With a fascinating Bosphorus tour, you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner on the private yacht, spend the most enjoyable times and take the best photos.

Hop On Hop Off Istanbul Yacht Charter There is nothing more beautiful and exciting than an event on the water, especially if you go on the Bosphorus between two continents, Europe and Asia. For any special occasion that requires an unforgettable venue, please contact us by email or phone to host your private party on a luxury yacht in the Bosphorus Strait. We can help you run your event at prices you can afford. Let our party planners plan your every wish, or ask us to provide you with many options for dining, entertainment and decor. Find out how easy and affordable a rental ride can be


A Very Special Istanbul Trip; Bosphorus Yacht Tour 

It has been the capital of 3 civilizations, poems and novels written in its name, the city of peace and tolerance; Istanbul. The Bosphorus, which is honored to host its guests with its unique view, natural beauty and scent of redbud flowers. And Hop on Hop Offf Travel, which has made a name for itself with its boat organization successes in the Bosphorus for years. Regardless of the time of day, week, month or year, you can choose one of the Bosphorus tour organization concepts and present yourself and your loved ones a memorial to the Bosphorus.

Is the Bosphorus tour open

With the lifting of the restrictions in social and economic life gradually after the Covid-19 virus outbreak, the most frequently asked question by everyone was the throat tour? The limitations imposed on economic and social life due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak were extended until even walking on the beaches was banned. We can clearly say that the prohibition of going to the Bosphorus beaches, which is the most attractive place for people in Istanbul to take a breath in their life under intense stress, is very, very overwhelming. As the Covid-19 virus began to be taken under control in our country, it was determined that the people of Istanbul mostly searched for "Is the Bosphorus tour open" on the Google search engine. We continue from where we left Turkey with our social distance and hourly obeying the rules of hygiene and daily or rental of prohibition brought cruising on June 1 with the removal from the 2021 Bosphorus yacht charters and our luxury yacht as the organization firms for commercial or serving in general. You can get private yacht rental service from our company for 12 months of Bosphorus tour.


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