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Ottoman Relics Tour

Topkapı Palace

Sultan Tombs

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Ottoman Relics


(Half Day Afternoon Tour)

TOPKAPI PALACE was the residence of Ottoman sultans for 400 years and now a UNESCO world heritage site as the best example of palaces. SAcred Islamic relic of prophet Mohammed, Islamic calligraphic manuscripts and murals, large collections of porcelains, robes, weapons, armors, shields, Ottoman miniatures, imperial treasures and jewelery are exhibited at the palace.

There are five SULTAN TOMBS at Hagia Sophia graveyard. Tomb of Sultan Selim, built by Sinan, is the one of the most beautiful tombs. Tomb of sultan Murat II is one of the largest Ottoman tombs. Tomb of sultan Mehmet II was decorated with stars, flowers and landscape pictures which is a style different from the classical ornamentation elemnets of the period. Tombs of prices also built by Sinan.


Istanbul Ottoman Relics Tours

Sultan Ahmet Mosque; This work, which was commissioned by Ahmet I, one of the Ottoman Sultans, to the Architect Sedefkar Ahmet Aga, is among the most magnificent works of Istanbul. This magnificent place of worship is decorated with famous Iznik tiles in green, white and blue colors. In fact, foreign tourists call it the Blue Mosque, as the domes usually have blue pen decorations and embroidery. Turkey is the first mosque with six minarets feature.
Topkapi palace; This palace, which was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmed in 1478, was used as the administrative center of the state in 400 of the 600 years of Ottoman rule. You will witness the history with the swords, robes and armors used by the Ottoman sultans, consisting of the Bab-ı Hümayun, 1st Courtyard and Babüsselam sections. In addition, Hz. The sacred relics consisting of the belongings of Muhammad (s.a.v.) and the prophets before him are also exhibited in this palace.

Hagia Sophia Museum; The oldest kingdom of the world, Hagia Sophia, which means "Holy Wisdom" in ancient Greek, was started to be built as Patriarch Cathedral in 532 by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I and was completed in a short period of 5 years. It was transformed into a mosque by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1453 with the conquest of Istanbul and for the first time it was reair by Fatih Sultan Mehmet again. The dome of the Hagia Sophia Museum, which has the largest and largest dome of the period, collapsed many times during the Byzantine period. It never collapsed after the addition of retaining structures around it by the great master Mimar Sinan during the Ottoman period.

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