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Vialand Theme Park Ticket & Shuttle

Vialand theme park Free shuttle from Taksim Square - Sirkeci - Sultanahmet or from your hotel

  • Full-day entrance to Vialand Theme Park,
  • Fun-filled activities for all ages,
  • You can have your lunch and sip your drinks at many restaurants and dining points,


49.00 € TAX included

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Yes, shuttle is free.There is free bus to theme park.


You can go by free shuttle buses from Taksim,Sultanahmet,Aksaray or from your hotel



 it is allowed or valid for one day.

yes it is free for kids age between 1 - 3 


Offering services to its guests with the motto “The Capital of Entertainment” and standing out as the centre of entertainment, shopping and socialization in Istanbul, Vialand has become the most popular destination in terms of entertainment, life and shopping with its brand identity, not only for Turkey but also the neighbouring countries in the region, by further cementing its power thanks to the new investments and projects. As the first shopping, entertainment and living complex to combine a Theme Park with a Mall, Hotel and Exhibition Centre in Turkey, Vialand is situated over an area of 600 thousand m2 in total. There are more than 200 stores at Vialand Shopping Centre, having indoor and outdoor shopping streets with different shopfronts and grabbing attention with their unique architectures as well as its nostalgic tram. And, the Theme Park which is located inside Vialand as the most popular amusement centre in Turkey and in the world.

Vialand Theme Park Istanbul (Where? What to Expect? Top Attractions)

Vialand Theme Park is a huge complex containing a huge theme park which is one of the best ones in the world, shopping and entertainment areas. Located in the Eyup district of Istanbul, it is a great place to spend a full day out with your family and kids.

You can enjoy the spectacular and magical world of Vialand Theme Park with your family and friends. Have fun on the world’s 4th biggest roller-coaster, as well variety of great rides and thrills. You can also have some leisure time to explore the shopping mall of the park.

What makes Vialand Theme Park Istanbul amazing is that it is not only a theme and amusement park, but also a huge complex that combines theme park, shopping, entertainment and exhibition centers in one place.

And that allows families to spend a great time here while their kids have fun at the variety of the attractions such as thrills, rides, roller-coasters and carousels and they can spend time at the shopping center, themed streets, great boutiques, festival and event areas, restaurants and cafes.

The huge shopping center also houses an indoor zoo named “Jungle” apart from the theme park.

We can say that you and your kids may spend the whole day at Vialand without getting bored. No chance. It is the best place in Istanbul for kids.l different from the other theme parks?

The complex covers and area of 600.000 m2 which is very very huge. Its combination of both being a big shopping and amusement center is unique worldwide. That’s why the park is the most popular point of interest in Istanbul for all ages.

The shopping center of Vialand is not like the classic ones in all over the world, it houses more than 200 stores along its three-storey open and closed shopping streets with a nostalgic tram operating in between.

Vialand has been listed on the top 10 Theme Parks in the World and gained European Star Award 2016 amongst the 800 theme parks in the world.

There are 24 different rides and attractions in Vialand Theme Park Istanbul to choose from. We recommend the below ones.

  • The world’s 4th best Roller Coaster named “Nefeskesen (Breathtaking), that reaches to 110 km/hrs speed in just 3 seconds.

  • The Crazy River (Cilgin Nehir), an unforgettable adventure along a 700 meters river and a waterfall.

  • The Justice Tower (Adalet Kulesi), an extreme landing with full adrenaline from 50 meters.

  • The 360, that you look around while your head is down, from 28 meters.

  • The attractions such as Viking (a water adventure) and King Kong (you are on the hands of King Kong, 15 meters from the ground).

Visiting Vialand Insider Advice

* For tourists, we recommend you to visit Vialand in the weekdays if possible. Majority of the locals visit the park at the weekends and the park becomes very crowded.

* You are entering the theme park with your ticket and inside you are free to take all the park rides and attractions for free. You don’t have to buy any tickets inside which is very easy to spend the day without making calculations.

* Make sure you keep your ticket until you leave the park that you may be asked for your ticket during your visit.

* We recommend you to visit the theme park with comfortable/sports shoes and with a cap for the summer months.


Closed in winter period.

Open from March to October, every day between 11.00-19:00 (11:00-20:00 at weekends)

How to Get There?

By free shuttle busses from Taksim Square - Sirkeci - Sultanahmet or from your hotel

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