Hop On Hop Off Istanbul
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Hop On Hop Off Istanbul

 1 Ticket All Day

Sightseeing Istanbul

8 Languages Commentary
Best Way to Explore Istanbul


45.00 $ TAX included

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 Hop On Hop Off Istanbul 

 1 sultanahmet

 2 eminönü

 3 karaköy

 4 galataport

 5 dolmabahçe palace

 6 naval museum

 7 beylerbeyi palace

 8 beşiktaş bazaar

 9 taksim square

 10 şişhane

 11 egyptian spice bazaar

 12 sultanahmet

 Hop On Hop Off Istanbul

Experience all the wonders of Istanbul, ancient and modern, on a panoramic bus tour - the only city tour in the world to span two continents!

The buses move from Taksim  Square. A tour lasts for an average of 2 and half hours. Visiting all the historical points, the bus system is narrated in 8 different languages with the headphone system. You can take picture the beautiful landscapes 

The most fun way to visit Istanbul the historical peninsula Bosporus Bridge and all other touristic places with the headphone system in 8 different languages.

Istanbul - Tour and Ticket Reservation
Luxury vehicles, professional guides, cleanest and quality hotels, tour programs prepared with your comfort in mind, 24/7 Service
Hop On Hop Off Istanbul Travel for professional, solution-oriented and friendly service that is with you every moment of your holiday or tour.
Travel between 2 continents. After visiting the fragrant Spice Bazaar, pass by Ottoman palaces, wooden mansions and modern villas and discover the meeting point of Asia and Europe.
The tour begins with a visit to the lively Spice Bazaar after being picked up from your hotel in the center of Istanbul.
During the trip, you will see historical Ottoman palaces such as Dolmabahçe Palace. Relax as you pass Ottoman neighborhoods such as Beylerbeyi and see the beautiful 19th and 20th century wooden mansions, mansions and villas that form the elegant seaside part of the city.
Enjoy the wildflowers covering the hills in spring and the mosque minarets rising above the city throughout the year. With this Istanbul tour you will see the best parts of both shores in just half a day!

On our 2 hours 30 minutes long tour, you will be shown the highlights of Istanbul with the best possibilities to take photographs.

Commentary available in 8 languages , English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Russian, and Turkish.

Under the romantic backdrop of minarets and mosques, like a step out of time stands the ancient city of Istanbul.

The only city in the world built on two continents, Europe and Asia, standing on the shores of Bosphorus and guarding the precious relics of the world-dominating empires Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman, which  was the capital, a uniqe link between the east and west, past and the present...

Art treasures and architectural works will evoke your feelings of nostalgia. Modern day Istanbul boasts the best of both continents.

With a colorful history and vibrant past, vividly alive, Istanbul today offers the visitor a uniqe insight into variety of cultures.

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